IFWT_Larry Johnson 2

Former NFL star Larry Johnson was arrested for attacking a man inside the Delano Hotel and now we have the graphic images!  Johnson reportedly punched the man repeatedly and attacked him with a broken bottle.  Well the bottle caused some serious damage, check it out.

Shay Marie

The man who claims he was attacked by ex-NFL star Larry Johnson says he needed 7 stitches to close up a BLOODY GASH on his arm after Johnson sliced him open with broken glass according to TMZ Sports.

“He wailed on me for a good two minutes before security came over,” the man — who asked to keep his ID private — tells us.

“I couldn’t get back up on my feet – so it wasn’t even a fight. He just wailed on me – and used a tall broken vodka glass that got knocked over when I fell down [to attack me].”

The man continues … “I was able to cover my face – but I’m covered in cuts on the side of my neck, cut the back of my hand, and had to get 7 stitches for the gash on my arm.”

The man says he had NEVER met Johnson before the incident — despite reports to the contrary — and says he has no idea why LJ would attack him in the first place.

As for Johnson, he was JUST released from custody on $7,500 bond — and will be due back in court in the near future.