his was rather surprising! Reports are claiming that NFL coaches would rather play against Peyton Manning than, wait for it..Colin Kaepernick. Hit the jump for details.

Via For The Win

Benoit explains that coaches aren’t saying Kaepernick is better, just that there’s more “terrifying unpredictability” when facing Kaepernick. Chalk it up to the “better the devil you know” line of thinking.

But I don’t buy it. Not at all. Oh, I’m sure those coaches meant it when they told Benoit they’d rather face Kaepernick. At the time, they probably even believed it. But that was at the combine, a few weeks removed from another Manning playoff disappointment and seven months from the start of the new season, when everyone is a potential Super Bowl champion and the idea of playing a fast, spontaneous quarterback is frightening and defending a 38-year-old man seems like a piece of cake.

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