Goodness – all of that begging like your last name Sweat, first name Keith and you has the nerve to throw a divorce party! Robin Thicke, you are something else (Kevin Hart voice). This is why Zak Waters has taken your place now…

According to Page Six, Thicke hosted a shindig equipped with models, bottles and his pal, Leonardo Dicaprio – don’t put my bad in your mess Thicke!

Hit the jump for the details.

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Following Paula Patton’s divorce filing, citing “irreconcilable differences,” Robin hit the streets. The crooner was seen at club Hyde in Hollywood Hills and left there to go home, only before heading home, he invited Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Emile Hirsch and a slew of models.


A source tells us, “There were a lot of models there. Leo and Robin were being super flirtatious and talking to tons of girls. Robin, in particular, was dancing and talking to a pretty brunette throughout most of the night. At one point, he grabbed a girl’s hand and was like, ‘Let’s dance’ . . . he was in great spirits, and put on a mix of music including pop, hip-hop, older stuff from the ’90s and soul. Everyone was dancing until past 3 a.m.”