Kevin Durant knows what it’s like to be without his second in command, Russell Westbrook.  Well now the tables have turned and Westbrook will be without Durant who suffered a foot fracture and is expected to be out six to eight weeks.  Westbrook has often been criticized for taking too many shots and wanting to be the #1 guy and with Durant out many feel he’ll pounce on the opportunity.  But will he be able to shoulder the heavy load?  One person who isn’t worried is Durant himself.

Shay Marie

“[I told Westbrook] just to stay who you are,” Durant said. “You don’t have to change anything. You may get more opportunities now, but you don’t have to change what you do. He knows that. He’s a smart player. He knows that we all have to do it as a team.”

When Westbrook was hurt last year, Durant took on an even bigger playmaking and scoring role than he normally does. As soon as the regular season starts, people will be watching to see what, if anything, will change with Westbrook. He’s already incredibly aggressive with the ball in his hands, so how many shots will he take? Will his efficiency take a hit? The answers are probably “a lot” and “a little,” respectively, but we’ll see.

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