OMG! I don’t know if I should laugh or nah! Turn Up Radio spoke with, Wild N’ Out comedian, Carlos “Spanky” Hayes and he puts many on blast for trading sexual favors for, “show business” roles.

He recalls a story where he was up for the role of Baby Boy, Jodi. Yes, according to Spanky, he and Tyrese were the last two chosen for the role, but if they really wanted the movie they had to perform…

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…oral sex. Suck cock, in Spanky’s words. Check out the story.

Spanky’s interview:

While this sounds like fun and games, Tyrese’s manhood is the center of attention. He’s not really sitting too well with the accusations. The “Sweet Lady” crooner puffs on a cigar, while draped in fur in an almost eight minute long video slamming Mr. Spanky <<< that's a name you might want to worry about. Tyrese says:

I’m 35 years old. How old are you? Let’s do the numbers. If you do the numbers, when the auditions that you claimed happened went down, you was probably around 13 years old. Which in your mind, you auditioned for Baby Boy and John Singleton wanted an actual baby boy to be in the movie Baby Boy. Anybody who seen the movie will tell you that the movie is called Baby Boy because it’s about a grown a$$ man that’s still living with his mama, who’s still acting like an adolescent, like a little kid, who refuse to leave home. You know you done f-cked up right?

So you a comedian, but you ain’t funny. I’ve never witnessed anybody in my life who just decided, “Let me wake up today and let me commit career suicide.”

The full-length video:

Hey guys, can’t we all just get along?!