Call that b*tch a crew hop / got me feelin’ like Tupac!

Last night, “Chicken Noodle Soup” co-creator DJ Webstar was attempting to get into NYC hot spot Griffin, but things didn’t quite go the way he wanted for a period of time. It seems as though he doesn’t have the clout he needed to get in, and attempted to slide through with various artists as they made their way in. He tried walking in with Rick Ross and Stalley first up – Webstar got the elbow. Next was Mandeecees and Yandy – another elbow for Webstar. Then Funk Flex walked in…Webstar didn’t. Elbow. He finally got in Busta Rhymes’ mix and was able to ride his coattails into the club.

Webstar, you get an A for resilience, but a D for being a crew-up. At least you never gave up. Ni**a You made it!

Tat Wza