After clips going viral of the Redskins’ PR rushing Colt McCoy away from the press following Monday night’s game against the Cowboys, the Public Relations personnel has let us know the REAL reason behind taking McCoy from the interviewers. Apparently, the coach and staff didn’t want Colt to “miss the coach’s post game speech!” Hit the jump for further juice on this story!

via TMZ:

The Washington Redskins PR guy who rushed Colt McCoy away from a live interview with ESPN Deportes tells TMZ Sports there’s a good reason he hurried the QB — he didn’t want Colt to miss the coach’s postgame speech.

We spoke with Tony Wyllie — the Senior VP of Communications for the Skins — who tells us, “We wanted to get Colt in to hear coach’s postgame speech.”

He adds, “I wasn’t denying access. I wanted Colt to hear coach talk. I felt we needed to get him inside.”

Wyllie says, “Right after the speech, Colt went out and did the interview. I explained the situation to them. They were happy in the end.”

To be honest, I’m really feeling the sportsmanship,Team First!