Now, why would Cassie want to get that pretty face of hers all messed up?! The model/singer was pictured with her lip the size of the GOODYEAR blimp – straight busted!

Check it out down bottom.

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Cassie took a little trip to Dubai, where she partook in some bike action – must not be her sport. She posted the joys of riding an ATV through the sand, but later showed us what can happen when you lose control.

The “Numb” singer’s ended up with a black, blue and swollen bottom lip, a bandaged forehead and a broken pair of Ray Bans sunglasses. Oh, but the glasses are okay, because on her way back to New York, she copped a new pair.

That bike life is serious. Cassie posted, “#after & never again because I love my mommy.” I bet not.

Check out the gallery for the lip action.

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