Between losing Julius Randle for the season and Kobe being projected at a low rating by ESPN, the Los Angeles Lakers really aren’t looking too good for the start of the 2014 NBA season. Trade rumors regarding the star player have even begun to surface, Sheesh…Hit the jump for more juice on this story!

ESPN’s Chad Ford has even said, “losing [Kobe] seems like the only way to really get better.”

via SportsGrid:

All these teams can offer L.A. quality pieces in exchange for the remaining two years, $48 million on 36-year-old Kobe Bryant’s deal…and the assurance the Lakers will finish dead last in the NBA.

Chad Ford posited a potential blockbuster deal that allows the Lakers to tank/acquire assets like picks and young talent, while giving either the Mavs, Hornets, Knicks or Nets Kobe f-ing Bryant for this season and the next.

“I don’t think Mitch has much choice but to find ways to lose,” one GM told ESPN. “They’re going to be bad anyway. You don’t want to be just good enough that you lose the pick and still miss the playoffs. I don’t think they have the assets to get good enough to make the playoffs and I don’t think they have the [expletive] to trade Kobe.”