Jeremih and his crew was turned up, ALL THE WAY TURNED UP because they allegedly caused $700 plus worth of damage at a Fuddruckers in Billings, Montana.
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The manager of the Fuddruckers told TMZ that Jeremih and his entourage was upset because they was flirting with a cashier who complained to the manager that she felt uncomfortable servicing them. The manager then asked if they could move, preferably in the back away from the employee they were hitting on and they went crazy.

The R&B singer and his boys went on the microphone and began to throw out the racism card. The manager also stated that he gave the money back to hopefully try to calm down the escalating situation, but it didn’t work because they then started to throw beer bottles. The crazy thing is that the group only ordered cheese sticks and some chicken fingers! WOW! I take it that men don’t handle rejection well at all.

Police are currently investigating.