IFWT_ Calvin Klein Mya d 2
Myla Dalbesio is defying the odds. The size 10 model is the first “Plus Size” model to land a major deal with Calvin Klein.


The former Miss Teen Wisconsin and Calvin Klein have the industry headed in the right direction. Now the 27 year old Dalbesio is breaking down barriers as the first Plus Size model to land a major deal with Calvin Klein. Dalbesio shows off her curvaceous body in the new underwear campaign where you can see her looking flawless. Myla stated ” Im not skinny enough to be with the skinny girls and not large enough to be with the larger girls” shes right in the middle. The stand out fact is that Myla is only a size ten which is preposterous to believe that qualifies as “plus sized”. Traditionally the industry has looked to much smaller girls but its nice to see that some eyes have called for a change. Spokesman for Calvin Klein reported that “The “Perfectltly Fit” campaign was created to celebrate and cater to the needs of differnt women”.Times are changing and their defiantly for the better, in world where big booty has become everything maybe the industry will Wise up and realize how the world is shaped.