IFWT_Google Hangar 5
Google is breaking the bank to get their hands on an old Naval hangar. Google released a statement saying their 60 year lease will see them pay $1.16 billion. They plan on using the hangar for aviation and new robotics technology.

Tat Wza Storm

The future is here! With companies like Google blazing trails in the new wave of technologies and not affraid of dropping the cash to make it happen. This lease isn’t just any 1000 acre field with its own 8 acre hangar. Its the former Moffett Field Naval Air Station located in San Francisco California. Reports claim that land has already been divided 42 acres for office space. The rest however will be dedicated to space exploration, avation, robotics and other new age technology. Google has apparently hired smaller firms in connection with satellite technology. Construction has since started and the Navy has stripped the hangar. Are we looking at the future of space travel? Leave it up to Google…