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At this point Brandon Knight has some of the worst career lowlights I’ve ever seen.  From the funeral DeAndre Jordan delivered with a poster, to this mind boggling shot/pass, Knight is a Shaqtin’ a Fool Hall of Famer.  Last night things got bad for him once again as the Bucks played the Nets in overtime but he later redeemed himself.

Shay Marie

It looked like Knight would be the hero when he stole a pass from Joe Johnson with six seconds left.  There was no one around as he drove to the rack to take the game-winning layup but NOPE!

This vine of the Bucks reaction is absolutely priceless.

In Knight’s defense however, he did totally REDEEM himself.  In the second overtime, Knight hit a three-pointer with 19.6 seconds left to tie the game.  A missed shot from Joe Johnson sent them to triple overtime.  In triple OT, Knight hit two freethrows to solidify the 122-118 win over the Nets.