_Teen Is Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Beating His Teacher!

Kevin Straub, a 15-year-old from Missouri is convicted of 10 years in prison for beating his 42-year-old teacher at Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis. The teacher was beaten so bad that he had suffered a stoke from the beatdown. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!


Kevin Straub was a student at a last-chance school for delinquent teens in St. Louis, Missouri. The young boy was sentenced to 10 years in prison after the judge stated that he committed the crime of a man so he should be sentenced like a man. He was charged with second-degree assault after being caught on a surveillance video attacking his teacher last May. The teacher was watching a class of students in detention when Kevin began repeatedly punching him. He was left bloodied and he even had a stroke which he might lose sight in one eye from according to Fox St. Louis. Prosecutor Jeffrey Ernst told Fox St. Louis, “It absolutely was a brutal crime and it happened in a school, which makes it so troubling about the whole thing.”

In the video, it shows Kevin punching his teacher as he tried to get away from him. The teacher’s mother told Fox St. Louis that “he should be put away someplace where he won’t hurt anyone else…I hope that he gets the help he needs while he’s in there because he’s young.” She goes on to say that Kevin Straub’s violent behavior has changed many lives. She also adds that the teacher is a good person who is very giving and he even can’t play basketball with his children anymore.

Wow! Check out the video of the incident below!