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Last night fans took notice when Jay Z showed up on the sidelines of the Giants/Cowboys game. He was spotted talking to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and many wondered what kind of conversation they had because of the past story about Jerry Jones not wanting Dez Bryant to sign to Hov’s Roc Nation’s Sports (even though he did).
I still wonder which team J was cheering for since he has clients on both sides (Victor Cruz & Dez Bryant)?!
Ahh well, so what was said between the two greats?! Jerry Jones had jokes, check it out…



Via The Dallas Morning News:

Jones was asked if he got anything worked out with Jay-Z before the game. Instead of addressing Bryant’s contract, Jones’ answer had to do with Jay-Z as possible halftime entertainment.

“Yeah, I was working on a halftime deal with him for Thanksgiving,” Jones said, winking. “No it’s good. He had just been to the stadium and entertained there. He’s outstanding.”


I’m gonna need Hov to chime in on this and let us know what really went down! #Giants