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Steve Smith’s dislike of the New Orleans Saints didn’t disappear when he left the NFC South. The longtime Carolina Panthers receiver, now with the Baltimore Ravens, nearly started a full-team brawl Monday night when he and Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro got into it along the Ravens’ sideline.

Shay Marie

Steve Smith and Kenny Vaccaro got in a little bit of tussle on Monday Night Football. Smith stiff-armed the Saints safety, they both went down, and got up scrapping. Somehow, only Vaccaro was flagged on the play even though it seemed like Smith was at least equally responsible. In fact Smith appeared to instigate the scuffle when he knocked the second-year D-back’s helmet off.  Unpunished provocation is an underrated weapon in Smith’s arsenal.

The Ravens went on to win 34-17, dropping the Saints to 4-7 on the season. Smith played a major role in the victory, catching four passes for 89 yards and a touchdown before delivering another A+ quote in his postgame interview.

“I made a pact with myself that I’d look in the eyes of all my victims before taking their lunch money,” Steve Smith on Kenny Vaccaro

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It’s not the first time Smith has been in the middle of a fight with the Saints. He sparked a mini-brawl between the Panthers and Saints back in 2011.

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