IFWT_The devil Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson PD, but after he got off from the grand jury, and more deaths from riots, and many protests, is he a day late and a dollar short, should this even be considered as some type of justice?

Tat Wza

Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson PD, obviously a man quitting his job is no were near ‘justice’ for a life lost, but should this stop some of the rioting, and protesting in Ferguson? I tell you what it should stop, the looting, and burning of their own neighborhood, stop burning the business they need to shop at for their everyday, if anything, protest shopping there, stop the money without looking just ignorant. Yes you as the community living it are extremely upset, but the nation is with you, you will slow up the whole cause, which is bigger than Ferguson, Mike Brown, or Eric Garner(RIP), it’s about our future kids getting killed by scary ass cops that don’t GAF about the community they patrol(not all cops, just the scary ass ones), it’s about the laws being changed so they effectively govern everyone.

Darren Wilson Resigns From Ferguson PD, but that’s smoke and mirrors, he was asked to resign, to try and calm down the animals(yes if you’re out there looting and burning, you’re an animal), but also in hopes to take your eye off the prize, he’s gonna get a job, he was interviewed by ABC, he doesn’t have any regrets remember, he’ll be at a different police department, he’s like a celebrity to cops. To be really effective right now, we have to come together, we HAVE to get these laws changed!!!
Look at him above, he’s the devil!