There’s a picture floating around the Internet of Malia Obama and it shows off her curvy figure.  The thing is, not only is she the president’s daughter, people also forgot she’s only 16-years old!  A bunch of men have posted the picture admiring the first daughter’s behind and it’s gotten them in a ton of trouble.  One of the those people is Arizona Cardinals defensive end, Darnell Dockett.

Shay Marie

Darnell Dockett is no stranger to Internet controversy.  In fact he’s become known for the crazy things he posts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.  He continues to post whatever he wants without a care in the world and regardless of the backlash he’ll receive.

Case in point, his latest infraction.  Instagram user @dreday_4 posted the picture of Malia with the caption, “When is her prom?”.  Dockett responded to the post writing”Omgggg”  in the comments.  Dockett then reposted the picture with the eyes emoji,”Lmfaooo” and asking the same “when is her prom?” question.  Despite the numerous people in his comments reminding him that she’s 16-years old and people calling him a pedophile, the picture still remains.

Malia Obama is a beautiful girl but I’m gonna need these guys to hold off on a the lust a bit.

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h/t Complex Sports