Is that even allowed? Darnell Dockett sent out a series of tweets during jury duty today in hopes of being sent home. Hit the jump for details.

Via Deadspin:

Update, 5:30 p.m.: It’s come to our attention that the photo of a courtroom that Dockett tweeted is actually an old photo, from a 2013 trial in Washington State. So it’s entirely possible that he’s making this whole thing up. Our original post on Dockett’s tweets is below.

Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett is apparently providing a running commentary for his jury-duty experience today, and he’s got some pretty good thoughts on the whole matter—beyond the usual “how the hell do I get out of this” part. (Not pleading down from a 2003 felony charge for getting an unauthorized discount at Warrick Dunn’s sports store could have solved that.)The whole thing seems odd—maybe this is just jury selection as opposed to actually serving on a jury? Regardless, Dockett’s mother was murdered when he was 13, and no one was ever arrested for it. So he’s got a stronger motive than most for mistrusting the justice system.

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