Carmen Bryan x Nas x Destiny Jones

Well this most certainly would have been interesting! Nas is a very private person and always has been, but SOME of his life would have undoubtedly been on the small screen if everything worked out with his daughter, Destiny Jones and her mom, Carmen Bryan!

In a new interview, Destiny reveals they were thisclose to joining the cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, but ultimately, things didn’t pan out. Get the 411 below!

Marisa Mendez

On how they reached out:

When I was seventeen, ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ actually did reach out to me, and I definitely did do an interview with them. ‘Cause I never one hundred percent say no, I’m only like, ‘Let me see what this is about before I say no’. So that definitely is not my speed – that type of reality TV, even though it’s entertaining to me, and I do watch it every week. I used to say, ‘Never, I’ll never do reality TV’, but now I’m like, you know, ‘Never say never,’ you know. You never know what the future will hold.

Why they didn’t do it:

I went into the meeting with my mom at a hotel in Atlanta, and we had an interview. They were asking us uestions, and they really loved me. They really loved my personality and everything. They were like, ‘Carmen, maybe, but Destiny, yes.’ But like, it was just funny. So after the interview, I started to find out who the other cast members would be, and I started thinking this doesn’t really seem like me and my mom, you know, our speed. What you see on ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, that’s not even my mom’s personality. Like she’s so funny loving and goofy and sweet – it’s not really her speed, it’s not really my speed, and I think the producers could tell when they got the cast together, like, ‘No, you guys wouldn’t fit in with this cast at all’, so it was like a joint agreement.

I could have sworn they live in New York though, no? How did ATL come about? Either way, I’m glad they didn’t do it. Destiny is a descendant of hip-hop royalty, and a trashy reality show like Love & Hip-Hop is no place for her!

Source: TJB via JM