Another day another headline for Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett.  So what is he up to this time?  Well a waitress decided to put Dockett on blast and call him out for only giving her a $3 tip.  Of course Dockett wasn’t going to let that slide, he fired back at her, telling the real story.

Shay Marie

This isn’t the first time a highly-paid NFL player was accused of leaving a bad tip.  In fact, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was also accused of being a bad tipper when he reportedly left a 20 cent tip on a $60 bill.  Well McCoy didn’t dispute the claim but did explain why he did it, saying the service was bad.

Another waitress decided to follow that route and put Darnell Dockett on blast saying he only gave her a $3 tip and she did it by posting on Facebook for everyone to see.

Dockett fired back calling her an “ungrateful f*cker” and saying that’s how the rich stay rich.  He seemed like a douche until he clarified that his total bill was only $9 which means leaving a $3 tip was more than adequate.  It looks like this waitress just wanted attention or felt like she was entitled to more money just because Dockett is rich.  Sorry but everyone is not like Chad Johnson and they don’t need to be.  Dockett is right, overspending adds up and leads to going broke, she didn’t deserve anymore than what she got.

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