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Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs, Somebody had to say it, this past summer we all couldn’t enough of seeing people pour ice water on themselves, while in the name of ALS, many celebs participated in the Ice Bucket challenge, but with the country protesting about police brutality, where are the celebs now?? Well Sam has challenged them to sing this song…

Tat Wza

Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs:

“We Ain’t Gonna Stop Til People Are FREE” Song
Here are the Lyrics;

‘I can hear my neighbor crying I can’t Breathe….

Now Im in the struggle…and I can’t leave….

calling out the violence of the racist police….

We ain’t gonna stop. Til people are Free

We ain’t gonna STOP. Til people are FREEEEEE’

Here’s Sam showing you how to do it;

So many celebs, of all races and colors participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, and although a worthy effort, this is a ’cause’ that effects EVERYONE in their day to day lives, can everyone stand up for the right thing?? Please we at IFWT beg all Rapper’s, Producers, struggle rappers, TV, Radio, EVERYONE, bring awareness!!

Sam Jackson Challenges All Celebs!!!!