Is Drake returning to acting? According to a leaked Sony email sent from Spike Lee’s agent, Drizzy may be co-starring with Kevin Hart in a sequel to Spike Lee’s 1988 musical School Daze as a character named PE*NIS.

Jade Raven

In his email, Lee’s agent writes that the film maker has already met with the rapper several times. “I believe in the film both as an entertainment — a college film — and as a provocative and exciting piece about the conflict of traditional values (education, college) and hip hop/star/celebrity culture,” he writes. “Why go to college to get a job to make money when you can make more money rapping, stripping, and creating salacious music videos even if they demean women?”

This sounds exactly like what’s going on amongst todays youth. School Daze is arguably the movie that propelled Spike Lee’s career forward, and re-introducing it as a sequel to a new generation is genius.

Alongside Drake, comedian Kevin Hart will reportedly play DAT N*GGA JIGGA in the sequel.

Drake was spotted leaving “The Nice Guy” lounge in Los Angeles back in November where he was reportedly having dinner with Kevin Hart. Possibly they were discussing future projects together such as this movie. Who knows?