Donald Sterling had agreed to play Santa Claus at a children’s event in Watts, California that was set to take place this past Saturday. However, the former team owner opted not to partake in the festivities for the sake of the children’s safety…hit the jump for more deets on this story!

Donald Sterling feared that the kids in Watts would be violently attacked in the midst of the many social justice issues & protests.

Donald Sterling pulled out of a charity toy drive in Watts Saturday night … because his security team feared for his safety in the hood with racial tensions running so high across the country.

Sterling wanted his appearance to be a surprise. We’re told his security team was worried too many people knew where he was going to be — and considering his track record with the black community … things could go south quickly.

Donald’s rep says he still donated a sedan-full of toys during a Friday night event held in a much more … Sterling-safe environment — Beverly Hills.

via Black Sports Online

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