LLCoolJ talks new project
Don’t call it a comeback they’ve been here for years! LL Cool J Squashes LEGENDARY Rap Feud With Canibus. The two reunite on stage after a 17 year dispute. LL Cool J and Canibus were friends In the beginning .In fact, Canibus was a feature on LL Cool J’s song “4,3,2,1.” However, there was a dispute about one of Canibus’s bars, which LL Cool J thought was disrespectful. He told Canibus to take off the verse which he did. Eventually, a leaked version which contained a Canibus diss was circulating and the two carried on their feud in other songs including “Second Round K.O”,“The Ripper Strikes Back” ,“Back Where I Belong,” and “Rip the Jacker.” Check out their performance below


Fast forward 17 years. Last night LL was playing the Hot 97’s holiday show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and who does he bring out on stage but Canibus. The two performed ‘4,3,2,1’ and seemed to
get along just fine. Sources tell us LL reached out to his former foe a few weeks ago to gauge the rappers interest … and Canibus jumped at the chance to end their 17 year battle.The two rappers hugged it out on stage afterward … then the “NCIS: Los Angeles” star complimented Canibus’ career — even though it sounded a little backhanded. Do you think the Two will collaborate in the future?