When Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for third place on the NBA all-time scoring list, MJ released a public statement congratulating Kobe and being happy he passed him. When he personally spoke with Kobe in private he was still happy for him and had a message.


Shortly after Bryant passed Jordan for No. 3 on the NBA’s career scoring list earlier this month, the highest-scoring guards in league history had a nice chat.

What was Jordan’s message to Kobe?

“Go get Karl,” Kobe told the Sun-Times, referring to none other than Jazz legend Karl Malone, who ranks second all time with 36,928 career points. Bryant is sitting on 32,365.

Bryant said he understands his place in NBA history would be meaningless without the many legends who paved a path for him.

“It was more of a thankful feeling to Michael and the players who came before because I’ve learned so much from them,” Bryant said. “And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve literally just stole [expletive] from them, like spin moves and pull-ups. It’s not me passing these players. It’s us. I’ve literally taken things from their games and made them my own.”