Busted! Well, not really. Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’s own Lil Fizz and his baby mama Moniece showed the world just how dysfunctional their relationship is throughout this past season of the show. From Fizz’s relationship with Amanda to her fights with Moniece and a billion other parenting issues added into the mix, we thought we’d never see a reconciliation between Fizz and Mo’. However, the two shocked us after Fizz posted up a picture of his super awesome red Christmas tree on X-Mas day. Now just a regular tree flick is very common around this time of year (duh) but the kicker is he tagged Moniece in the photo to let us ALL know they spent the holidays TOGETHER as a family! Shortly after, she also uploaded a similar photo of the Christmas tree in Fizz’s Hollywood crib. Are the two working things out? Did Amanda get the boot for good? Looks like all of the above= YES AND YES! I’m happy for the two of them. If two people who have a child together can make it work, I am ALL for that. Too many little kids growing up in broken homes. What a beautiful Christmas gift that must have been for their little son! Mona probably had the cameras rolling the WHOLE entire time.

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