Hollow Da Don Vs Charlie Clips. The most anticipated battle that all battle rap fans have been waiting for, myself included. Watch the preview after the jump!

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I’ve been a battle rap fan for about seven years now and this battle has me more hype than the Hollow Vs Lux battle. Charlie Clips owned the battle rap world in 2014 by taking about 8+ battles and blowing away his opponents with the exception of a couple questionable battles (Charron & B-Magic). His wittiness, style, freestyle ability, delivery and puns parallel that of Hollow’s who is arguably the best battle rapper in today’s battle world making this battle a must see! The battle will take place next spring during NOME 5 (Night Of Main Events) and as much as I’m curious to see who else is on this card, I don’t think any match up will top this one. Charlie Clips has to be flawless and make sure he doesn’t forget to write his third round this time (Seriously Clips, you have about 5 months from now) and Hollow has to just be Hollow from Grindtime, not the one we saw against Joe Budden this past summer. I can’t pick a winner as of now because I know in a month or two, my opinion will change but I’m hoping to be in the building when it goes down so Smack hook me up with a ticket! Who do you think will win in this battle of batte rap god, Clips or Hollow?

Source: Youtube