Voted Worst of Fox News

The now notorious Fox News Network never ceases to amaze in it’s often one sided delivery of the day’s social and political events. Being called out repeatedly for it’s sometimes viscious, inaccurate and immature broadcasting personalities and stories, the latest highlight happened this week as one reporter got all in his feelings. Voted even worse that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News.

Never one to shy from expressing himself news reporter Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News. In true fashion he dropped emotional bombs all over Twitter in response, seemingly not just to the vote result but to his frustration at the murder of two NYPD policemen last week…(stay classy, Sean). This is the same Sean Hannity who routinely runs with bogus stories, was almost fired from Fox in recent years and has said things like “your cock is mighty small, if I told the truth to you liberals you’d flip” on Twitter.

Be clear that why Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News is ridiculous is not just because of his reaction but because it was not a fan, viewer, or media community voting pool. He was actually voted worst of the news network by hosts from CNN, MSCNC, and FOX itself, so he had to let us (who had nothing to do with it) know why he feels some type of way!

Sean Hannity Spazzes After Voted “Worst of Fox” News check out the gallery to see the tweet action but the highlights of his rant include an ALL CAPS meltdown which he tried to brush off later as “I was having fun.” (Riiight). He started off proud to call out any takers, saying “Lets do the BEST OF MEDIAITE CONCHA. ALL THE REST OF U MEDIAMATTERS WANNABEES SUCK IMHO. #badge of honor.”

As replies came back in the form of, “you may want to dial back your vein popping rage” (LOL) Hannity had this to say:

“No rage at all. My only “vein popping rage” is that 2 Officers were assassinated. MEDIAMATTERS lite not imp”

Again, riiiight. Nice save. Welp…–YOU MAD! But he’s also smart, and using this fiasco as successful promo and social media bait. (Stay classy).

Check the vid for a classic best of–where he calls himself trying to “educate” Democratic Committee-woman Patricia Bynes on police brutality and the Mike Brown case (by cutting her off and yelling at her) but she does not fall back.

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