_Man Beheads His Mother On New Year's Eve Because He Didn't Want To Do Chores

A young 23 year old man, beheaded his mother with an ax on New Year’s Eve and dragged her body to the trash because she started to nag him about his chores. Read more on the crazy story below!

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A man named Christian Gomez from Florida recently confessed to killing his mother and beheading her with an ax. The ax was recovered at the crime scene. His mother goes by the name of Maria Suarez-Cassagne. Her body was found outside their home in Tampa, near garbage cans where he threw her head in the trash. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that Gomez was angry because his mother was constantly asking him to do his chores and to move boxes to the garage. He became very angry at his mother after she kept “nagging him”. Gomez was jealous and he thought that his brother was his mother’s favorite child.

Mario Gomez called 911 and told dispatchers that his brother Christian had killed their mother. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that Gomez spent two days plotting the killing of his mother with an ax. He placed her head in a garbage can and left her body outside. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri stated, ‘This whole circumstance is probably one of the worst that we’ve ever seen… It’s terrible.’ Authorities said Gomez fled the scene and deputies set up a perimeter in order to search for Gomez. He was later arrested after another person called 911 and reported a suspicious person on riding a bicycle. He was quickly taken into custody by deputies after a very brief foot pursuit, authorities said. Christian Gomez is now being charged with first degree murder of his mother Maria Suarez-Cassagne. Gomez was sent to the Pinellas County Jail for the murder charge and he is a diagnosed schizophrenic. Maria Suarez-Cassagne was 48 years old.