IFWT_Kobe Lin

The Lakers were down by one to the Grizzlies with the shot clock and game clock virtually in sync.  Grizzlies had possession of the ball meaning the Lakers would have to commit a foul to stop the clock.  This is knowledge known by ANYONE who plays or even watches basketball.  Apparently it wasn’t known by Jeremy Lin.

Shay Marie

Jeremy Lin was on Mike Conley and just stood there watching him dribble out the clock.  Kobe Bryant clapped his hands and screamed loudly for Lin to foul Conley but he continued to stand there.  Finally Kobe decided to do it himself and sprinted down the court to commit the foul.

Kobe and Lin then exchanged some words that I’m assuming were pretty harsh.

Lakers head coach Byron Scott said that was on him afterward, and Lin confirmed Scott was telling him to wait from the sidelines — even after Lin questioned Scott’s decision more than once.

Bryant, however, knows the game perhaps better than anyone, and made the correct play by taking matters into his own hands.

Still, what coach doesn’t know you’re supposed to foul in this situation?  Scott continues to show his ineptitude.

The Grizzlies beat the Lakers 109-106.

h/t ProBasketballTalk