Chicago native, rapper and actor, Common is big on his hometown teams including the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls.  Black Monday saw a few head coaches let go which means the coaching carousel will commence.  Bears head coach Marc Trestman was fired as well as New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.  When asked if Ryan should become the new head coach of the Bears, here’s what Common had to say.

Shay Marie

Common says “It’d be dope” if Rex Ryan became the new head coach of the Chicago Bears.

When asked when’s the next time the Chicago Bulls would win a championship he said “we coming”.  The Bulls are currently one of the contending teams in the Eastern Conference.  They have a 25-10 record with the 2nd spot in the conference.

Common was also asked his Super Bowl predictions.  He didn’t say which team would win but he did pick the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers to play in the big game.  Clearly he was using his head there and not his heart since the Packers and Bears are division rivals in the NFC North.

Common is a pretty big on sports so we’ll see how much of his thoughts come to fruition.