Chi-town great, Common has sat down with Yahoo News’ Katie Couric, to discuss his most recent role in the powerful film ‘Selma’!

Adriela Batista

Common is an artist who is no stranger to voicing his opinion on revolutionary and political issues; when approached for a role in the ‘Selma’ film, dedicated to telling the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma to Montgomery, he could not turn the ‘blessing’ down. He continued; ‘The history of the civil rights movement was something I always felt close to and felt like I had an obligation to because they paved the way. They opened doors for us’.

The rapper-actor then discussed his recent collaboration with John Legend for their soulful song ‘Glory’. Common stated after his experience in Selma, he knew legend would supply the perfect tone for the track; ‘We really wanted to capture the spirit of civil rights in that time but we wanted to show people that it’s present and it’s relative to now’.

Check out the full interview here:

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