40 in Hospital from Drug Laced Cake

Usually people know when they’re about to eat “special brownies” or embark on magical trips with their drug of choice, but this story “takes the cake” and leaves no high. An investigation is underway while at least 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake from eating holiday pastries last week.

40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake after eating what’s been reported as Three Kings Bread cake laced with synthetic drugs. The bakery in question, Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana, California is to blame for the fruitcake that’s been all pain and no pleasure.

Apparently nurses called police after hospitals suddenly became crowded with patients of similar symptoms and eventually 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake.

“…droves of patients exhibited nausea, suffered hallucinations, and were seen having what can only be described as “out-of-body experiences.”

Yikes…the Santa Ana Police Department took over the investigation of the bakery who was initially selling the pastries in honor of Three Kings Day. During the 40 Hospitalized From Drug Laced Cake the Cholula Bakery had been closed due to “cockroach infestation” (yikes!). They may re-open after meeting health standards but…obviously they’re gonna need more than Raid for what’s going on behind closed doors.

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