Over the weekend, Wale hit the stage in New York City where he reunited with the original singer on his popular “Bad” track, Tiara Thomas. The two had a serious falling out months ago but from the looks of it, they were able to move on and put it past them. However, Wale might have fixed one issue but he started more problems with almost all of his fans who were in attendance at his show that evening in NYC.

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According to fans via social media, Wale came out four hours late and when he did hit the stage, he was wasted and put on not so impressive performance. One Instagram user commented on Wale’s picture that she was upset with how he performed and said it was “lame” that she had to wait hours for him to come out. Wale wasted no time and clapped back on the girl, taking it to the extremes of calling her a “b*tch.” (Bruh… REALLY?!) He went ALL the way in on her to the point other social media followers became engaged in the interaction and started adding their two cents in, as well.

More and more people started exposing the rapper for not only being late but for being so drunk that he could hardly even put on a show worth their time and/or money. Ump… yikes. Head over to the gallery to see the drama!