Wale For 'Round the Way' Over Instagram Models

Absolutely valid: In a recent interview statements were made by Wale for Round The Way Girls Over Instagram Models in his videos, making strong comments about the way black women are represented in the industry, the lack of positivity in Black Hollywood and the irony of his video for “The Body” ft. Jeremih.

The MMG artist prepping for the release of “The Album About Nothing” #TAAN has definitely gone against a strong current with this one, some would say thankfully so. Wale for Round The Way Girls Over Instagram Models as he discusses how the “norm” of half-naked women valued for “that ass” and casted straight out of Instagram based on likes, is fundamentally a problem. He says he cast a “round the way girl” in his video for “The Body” to counteract and bring it back to the essence of beauty.

“Black women were represented in such a way that they were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures, just to add on even more enhancements–be it Photoshop or an abundance of makeup with a sprinkle of good lighting.”

Wale for Round The Way Girls Over Instagram Models also asks, “what happened to Hollywood?” Expressing he’s “sick and tired of our representation in the entertainment world.”

” I feel like they curve “us” as a whole, then every blue moon they allow a pass for a Black person and we’re supposed to throw a party for it.”

(Preach!)…Taking it even deeper from Wale for Round The Way Girls Over Instagram Models he reminisces on the way attraction, love, and fantasy was situated during the golden age of black television in the 90’s, when Lisa Bonet and Jada Pinkett (Smith) kept our attention and intrigue not only with their clothes on, but with their style, intellect and swag.

“I remember Lisa Bonet and a plethora of other beautiful Black women on “Different World.” I remember princess Jada. I used to daydream about her. I was only in elementary school but when I first saw Jada I was in love. Nothing about this princess screamed, “Sex!” My mind was allowed to play with the idea of what lies under this fully clothed “around the way” girl.”

Wale for Round The Way Girls Over Instagram Models and is also not stepping away from those who question the fact of his lead single being named “The Body.”

“The Body,” was an attempt to get us, as Black people, headed in a more elevated direction. Mariah (the model I used in the video) kind of epitomized what I felt a normal beautiful “round the way” girl looked like. These days, we spend so much time focusing on “that assssss, ” we forget how much of love’s chemistry is contingent to a beautiful face and genuine personality. Personalities that used to cut through our television screens when Jada would flex that B’more attitude in a scene. The authenticity back when there was no desire to portray women as just an over-sexualized, clay-like-body to Instagram-obsessed people!

Wale commented he previously wanted to do a short film on the subject with director John Singleton, but at the time he wasn’t sure “if he didn’t believed in me or just plain old didn’t have time to do it, but it never happened.” Hopefully the future means possibility, we could use the balance. Much respect for going against the grain, Wale.

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