Iggy Azalea

Riding around & getting it! A solo Iggy stunts in white Ferrari cruising through Beverly Hills…and she clearly doesn’t have any worries as she whizzes by hair flipping in her $250K automobile. While rumors are flying around….as well as “receipts” showing that her Lakers boo may not be being all they way faithful to the Aussie import, Iggy was rolling through the streets of Beverly Hills looking totally unbothered. Why should she be though? The girl is laughing all the way to the bank. Take notes ladies, one monkey don’t stop the show. See Iggy stunting in her white girl inside.

While artist Iggy Azalea may have been getting a lot of hate of late, its evident Iggy had a breakout year in 2014. CLEARLY. Along with spending a quarter of million on her own whip, Iggy even dropped a $100K on her man’s Christmas gift, which happened to be a tricked out old school Impala. Can we say, BALLIN? Iggy probably should have laid down some ground rules for Nick before giving him the car. Like….. don’t roll the next chick around in a car I bought!! Shrugs. You live and you learn. Catch Iggy cruising through the streets of LA. looking as cool as she pleases in the galley above.

Andrea G
IG @DreTheGreat23