Tyrese Praises Taraji P Henson For ‘Empire’ Success On IG
So We Can Definitely say Taraji P. Henson has gotten the opportunity to round up some new fans from all over after starring in Fox’s number one drama, Empire, and has done just that ! With the Oscar nominated actress in the lime light, her good friend and ‘Baby Boy’ co star Tyrese Gibson has praised her for her strength, will power and not giving into Hollywood’s traps of sleeping around to get roles.

Tyrese Praises Taraji P Henson For ‘Empire’ Success On IG

The singer/actor Tyrese is pretty renown in the social media world with his constant informative educational rants he posts on Facebook , but this time the R&B Vet and ‘Fast and the Furious’ Star takes to use Instagram as an outlet to praise Taraji P Henson for her success in ‘Empire’.


“We started our journey together – I got my ears to the streets – she’s winning,” he captioned a stunning photo of the actress. “She’s being celebrated in a new capacity, and there’s no one in the WORLD more proud….. It’s good to see GOOD people who haven’t slept around to get there MAKE IT in this town called Hollywood…. If you ladies need someone to look up to……. Single mother from DC college graduate paid her dues did it the RIGHT WAY.”

The two multi movie stars deep chemistry has sparked dating rumors over the years with there intimate relationship with each other, but both actors have explained that they just have a very healthy friendship and are JUST FRIENDS.

What do you guys think ? Just Friends or just keeping there business on the low LIKE YOU SHOULD !

Empire’s premiere was seen by over 9 million people last week. This week’s episode proved the show to be a HUGE TV hit with 10.3 million viewers and a 4.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic. It also tied with ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ as the highest rated shows in the same demographic.

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Tyrese Praises Taraji P Henson For ‘Empire’ Success On IG