Woman Addicted To Eating Bricks. Of all things on this planet to be addicted to such as Funnel cakes, Doritos locos tacos, five guys burger or Oreo cookies and cream candy bar, this London woman chooses bricks.. Yes, actual building bricks. Click read more to check out the video.

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She says she’s been addicted to eating bricks for 12 years now and she can’t stop. It’s a very bizarre concept to try to understand but you know what, I won’t do it. I’m wise enough to know that with the amount of people on this planet earth (7.1 Billion) there’s going to be some strange people with strange habits and I just have to accept that. Nonetheless, I do wish this woman would get some sort of medical help because I can’t imagine how eating bricks every day would be good for your digestive system especially when she’s eaten over half a ton of bricks in the past 12 years. So to you London woman, you enjoy those bricks and I’ll be over here enjoying my funnel cakes! What do you guys think about this woman, should she seek medical help or should she just continue with her brick eating habit?