While it seems that these two have been going pretty steady since the summer as the duo came out at the ESPY’s, it’s still pretty hard to take these two seriously on the relationship front. ESPECIALLY being that C.Mili is currently being trolled by one of Wayne’s many, Ashlee Monroe, as she has posted some very interesting photos of herself live from Weezy’s bedroom. Shrugs. Welp amid all the recent drama, Christina’s new reality show, Christina Milian: Turned Up premiers Sunday, and its looks likes these two might be pretty serious from the looks of the telling video clip. Watch inside!

Wait, what? Christina Milian & her boo Lil Wayne exchange “I love yous”? Yup, looks like Tina and Tunechi may have a love thing going on…..we’re just hoping she knows that “love thing” may require her to be accepting of some rapper f*ckery from time to time. Shrugs. Christina has been down this road load of times before…..and being that she seems to have a penchant of dealing with men in entertainment, I assume she knows the drill. Peep her talk about Weezy in the video below, and catch their “I love yous”, at the end of video clip.

Andrea G
IG @DreTheGreat23

You think these two have what it takes to last?