Woman Sets an Infant on Fire
Friday January 16, at 11 pm a resident called police to report a fire in the roadway. Respondents discovered that the blazing bundle was actually an infant child, which was still breathing. The child was airlifted to a hospital in Philadelphia, where it died two hours later. CLICK READ MORE FOR THE DETAILS !

Woman Sets an Infant on Fire
Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier is a 22 year old resident of Pemberton, New Jersey that has formally been charged with the murder of the child after investigators determined that, “The infant had been doused with an accelerant prior to being set ablaze,” according to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office. The details of the infant’s birth are being investigated to determine age, name, and parental identity. It is currently unclear if Dorvilier was the mother, or related to the child.


Woman Sets an Infant on Fire
Dorvilier was arrested at the scene of the crime, Friday night. She is currently being held in the Burlington County Corrections and Work Release Center. This Woman Sets an Infant on Fire , and IFWT will have the update to this case

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