Marvel Comics Tribute to Run the Jewels

Comic fans and Hip Hop enthusiasts unite! Marvel Comics Pays Tribute to Run the Jewels with two upcoming cover issues for Howard the Duck and Deadpool featuring the now iconic Run the Jewels’ fist-and-gun logo. Killer Mike says he was so hype about the news he was “dancing around in his Polo underwear” (LOL)…

Marvel Comics Pays Tribute to Run the Jewels after inspiration from the “tag the jewels” movement and, the editor in chief’s son winning a football game???

“The organic homage came from the top down, from Marvel editor-in-chief and hip-hop fan Axel Alonso. He was aware of the worldwide “tag the jewels” movement where graffiti artists threw up explosive spraypaint fan art, but got the idea for the comics covers after watching his son in a game of football.”

Apparently his son won the game winning touchdown, took off one glove and pointed to it with the other hand making the logo, immediately bringing chants of “run them jewels fast!” from his teammates. Axel says that’s when it all clicked full circle, and–boom–Marvel Comics Pays Tribute to Run the Jewels.

“Seeing the way that my 11-year-old son and his friends were improv-ing off of this really vibrant, iconic image. . .It got me thinking. If you’ve got this movement around the world from Bangladesh to Taiwan, people are doing their interpretations of this logo, and I got these roughnecks doing it on the sideline of a football game. . .Maybe Marvel could weight in on this and have some fun.”

It couldn’t be a greater compliment and blessing to Run the Jewels as they’re both big comic fans. In addition, El and Killer Mike wisely point out the often ignored connection between comic culture and Hip Hop, saying:

“Comic books are a part of the creative world of a kid in an urban environment,” says El. “You might not admit it on record, but you talk to almost every rapper — we all grew up with that shit. I guarantee you like 80 percent of any rappers that you meet probably went through a large comic book phase.”

I grew up reading comics with my dad — my stepdad, but I don’t use that word — he let me just have his comic collection. So this is a very big deal for me, man,” adds Mike. “I look forward to when this shit drops, taking him up and driving him to the comics store in North Dekalb, just to let him get out and not even tell him that it’s going down. I know he’s gonna be so proud he could fuckin’ cry, bruh.”

That’s pretty deep what you think??? Congrats to them as Marvel Comics Pays Tribute to Run the Jewels!!!

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