A father shot his family early this Saturday morning killing his wife, mother in law, 7 year old daughter and leaving his 12 year old daughter fighting for her life.
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It was a horrific scene this morning in Queens. 34 year old Jonathon Walker went on a murder spree shooting everyone in the head at their Springfield Gardens home around 5:40 a.m. His 12 year old daughter was also shot in the head but she survived and called the police. It’s not clear if she was able to notify the authorities before he shot her or after. When the police arrived they saw the lifeless bodies of his 31 year old wife Shantai Hale, her mother, 62 year old Viola and their 7 year old daughter Kayla Walker. City Council member Donovan Richards explained the incident “It’s a very gruesome scene in there…No one expected this. It’s horrific, just horrific.”

12 year old Christina Walker is in critical condition and had to go into surgery at Long Island Jewish Hospital. Walker was found dead in is car hours later due to a self inflicted gunshot wound in a heavily wooded area in Queens.

Walker and his common law wife were together for over 12 years. Both of the children were his biological daughters. Walker was a 230 pound, 6 foot 5 man who played professional basketball in 2008-09 in Portugal. He was a local club bouncer and described by neighbors as a quiet man that never spoke to anyone and just kept to himself. “He’s very quiet. He never talks to no one. I just see him pick up his kids and drop off his kids.” Gina George explained to authorities

WOW! This is such a tragedy!
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