IFWT_2 Dead At NYC Home Depot

Two people left dead after a shooting in a NYC Home Depot. This afternoon in NYC, police were called to a Home Depot in NYC after receiving reports that there were shots fired in the crowded store. See full report inside.

It appears that it was a scene of sheer terror for employees and shopper who were frequenting the Home Depot on 40 West 23rd Street in NYC, after shots broke out. According to reports, an employee shot and killed his manager before turning the gun on himself.

Andrea G
IG @DreTheGreat23Huffington Post reports….

“The suspect was an employee at the store and fatally shot his manager before turning the gun on himself, a spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed.

A witness at the scene, 30-year-old Marisa Cimarron, said she saw employees huddled in a corner of the store, sobbing as their coworker was wheeled out on a stretcher.”