February is almost here which means one thing– Black History Month is just around the corner. Songbird Jhene Aiko recently got into it with a Twitter troll after questioning her about her “Blackness.” A college student tweeted out, “wait, ok I’m in Starbucks at Georgia Tech.. WHY, is their music playlist labeled “Black History Month” & they’re playing @JheneAiko?” Shortly after, the “Souled Out” singer replied by saying, “because it’s about to be February and I’m black.” For those who don’t know, Jhene Aiko’s father is African American, German-Jewish and Native American (he’s Drakin’.. HOLLA!) and her mother is Japanese, Spanish and Afro-Dominican. Being that her father IS Black and she was born in America, that would qualify Jhene as being African-American. The chick who tweeted the original comment went on to explain that Jhene is one of her favorites and she did not mean any harm by what she said. Check out the tweets over in the gallery.

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