Iggy Azalea at 2014 AMAs

Now it hasn’t been easy being in front of the firing squad from a long list of industry names but seems like the I-G-G-Y Hip Hop and pop star definitely has a grip on her comebacks now. Taking to her Twitter in a simple but masterful reply, Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments.

OK, OK. You have to admit, it’s just NOT an easy thing to have your back against the wall for your success, and for a while it seemed like she wasn’t going to win over the controversy. Increasingly she has though and Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments made during a recent Shade 45 interview with Sway.

Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments who brought her up during promo for their upcoming Lifetime movie “With This Ring” (Lifetime movies are the new side hustle huh…ain’t mad)! The Philly bred Hip Hop, R&B and Soul divas chimed in–rather innocently on their intrigue of the Iggy they feel is left to be desired. You can see where their coming from honestly and curiously:

“She’s from a different place and I’ve said this before, it would be dope to hear her with her swag,” Eve continued. “Who are you, what are you, what is that?”

But still, Iggy Azalea Responds Perfectly to Eve & Jill Scott “Blaccent” Comments and perhaps makes you realize maybe they and everyone who thinks in the same way they did are fundamentally flawed in the way they see things. Iggy took to her Twitter, highlighting some key points after noting “I’m Myself Daily.” (Ouch! Can’t front that’s a good one!) Her response included:

“I feel like they’re really saying ‘act more like how I stereotype you to be, so I can feel comfortable”

Oooo—that’s real talk tho!!! Seems like even when she’s losing she’s winning, and that IS as she says a great message for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Is she speaking from the heart on this one or was this just a great media answer??? Check the gallery for her full script, which was brief but obviously effective.

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