The Game has been on and off on the release of his 10 year anniversary of his debut album . Now after weeks and weeks the Compton rapper finally confirms that the 10 year anniversary of ‘The Documentary ‘ Will be a thing and not just something that COULD HAVE been really dope but didn’t. Even Though that the Games new album is big news in itself , by the look of his post on Instagram very recently it looks like we’re in for a surprise on the features on The Games new album. Click Read More for the Details !!!

For those who aren’t aware of the legacy between “The Words Most Dangerous” NWA Group out of Compton California , deserve to get there Hip Hop Head Card taken away from them. After NWA broke up in the 90’s there was quite a bit of issues between the members, especially Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. An NWA Movie is on its way so in order for it to have its true authenticity , the two Hip Hop Legends have to be involved ( CLICK HERE For The Trailer) . Maybe there involvement in the film is was led to this possible collaboration with Compton MC The Game.

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Due to The Games Success as a Compton rapper and his authenticity in Hip Hop, The have been apart of his career individually. It looks like this time around both NWA members are going to be on there way to come together once again for The Games new Album ‘The Documentary 2’ As The Game Posts a Picture of the three together captioned “History made in Compton today ” .

How Bad would you want to see Ice Cube And Dr Dre Reunite For The Games New Album ?
Hopefully its true because it has been WAYYY to Long Overdue