President Barack Obama is just half-way through his second term as President of the United States, and boy-oh-boy is he trying to make a way – for us little people – with the little bit of time given. Obama – the latest in a string of “Uptown Funk” craze – addressed the nation with news that he presented Congress with a $4 trillion budget plan, hopefully to kick-off in 2016. “We would be making a critical error if we avoided making these investments,” he said. “We can’t afford not to.” Of course, Republicans are already ready to drop the bomb on the proposal. According to Fox News, Republicans are claiming that the budget is nothing but a, ‘bundle of new spending, new taxes — and new borrowing.’ House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price says, “It seems to be more of the same policies that have resulted in the lowest, slowest economic recovery out of an economic downturn in the history of the country.”

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“It may be Groundhog Day, but the American people can’t afford a repeat of the same old top-down policies of the past,” adds Obama’s right hand, House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement following the budget’s release. “Like the president’s previous budgets, this plan never balances — ever.”

But even as Obama claims the plan is “fully paid for,” the total budget shows a $474 billion deficit for fiscal 2016. Obama’s budget plan never reaches balance over the next decade and projects the deficit would rise to $687 billion in 2025. Administration officials say their goal is to hold the deficit to a small percentage of the total U.S. economy — but not necessarily to eliminate it.

The budget suggests education spending, narrowing the income gap between the very wealthy and the middle class, free community college and other nation-wide programs to assist two-income families and more.

Hell, I could only wish this would go through. The problem being, the opposing team of non-believers called, Republicans. Surely with open opportunity, MOST – I’m not that naive – citizens could use the budget to their advantage and learn as well as earn from it.

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