Suge Knight turning himself in

As police review surveillance footage from Suge Knight’s fatal hit-and-run late last week, the former Death Row CEO has his story and he’s sticking to it – he “didn’t know” he hit anyone!

The story goes that the man that lost his life (Terry Carter) called Suge, telling him that his longtime nemesis Dr. Dre was ready to peace it up. Suge arrived on set of Dre’s Straight Outta Compton film and apparently found out it was a set-up, and was then jumped by the group of men. It is then that he sped off, striking and killing Terry and injuring another man, “Bone.”


Seems as though Suge’s story is falling apart and the judge knows it, his bail is pulled so he will be ‘inside’ a bit longer!

Marisa Mendez

Suge is reportedly telling those close to him that he was in fear of his life when he hopped in his truck and sped off, particularly because he was “frail because he was shot 6 times last summer and almost died recently from a blood clot.” He says he was so discombobulated when he drove off, that he had no idea his truck struck anyone.

Says TMZ:

Here’s the problem … even if this gets him out of a hit and run, cops still believe he intentionally tried to run over Bone and then hit Terry by accident, and if true that would constitute felony murder.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens!