Jay Z and Beyonce made the decision to get out of the New York cold, pack up their bags and make the big move out to none other than… Los Angeles! They’ve decided to become official West coasters because they have already enrolled Blue Ivy into an elite private school in L.A. and want a “change of lifestyle,” according to sources close to the couple. As of now, the Carters are living in a lavish hotel in Beverly Hills as they shop for mansions in the West Side area of Los Angeles. They’re jumping the gun a tad bit fast being that they’ve enrolled Blue Ivy into a school without even having a home yet but they ARE Jay Z and Beyonce, so I’m sure they’re not stressing it one bit.

Oh sidebar: the tuition for Blue Ivy’s school per year is $15,080. Mind you, she is only THREE. Ah, the perks of being rich and famous. #MustBeNice.

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